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This database was programmed by Jorge Juan Gómez Basanta back in 1999, when there was no widespread adoption of MySQL, PostgreSQL or any other free database by ISPs, particularly in Mexico. It is not intended to replace a larger relational database, but to provide really simple database services to small applications, for customers that are on a budget but require web-based systems to share their data. It might also serve as an example Perl module with complex file input and output operations.

Perl Database is, as its name implies a Database written in Perl. I wrote this simple database because it can be installed easily on any web server that supports Perl and keeps cost down. If you require a lightweight database to hold a few records with reduced maintenance costs –you will find low price packages from ISPs with support for Perl– this database might be what you need.


  • Really lightweight database, requires minimum resources
  • Installs on any web server that supports Perl 5.0
  • Web based administration
  • SQL-Like syntax with select, insert, update and delete commands
  • Additional commands generate HTML on the fly
  • Easy to install and deploy
  • May be used to create custom applications
  • Based on flat files for configuration and data storage
  • Tested with 2000 records per table (it should support more)
  • Only one field type
  • Supports regular expressions in queries
  • Last but not least, it's freeware and open-sourced
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    The following links point to actual demos of Perl Database functionality. You may insert, update and delete records. The only thing I ask is not to leave the tables empty. Original data will be restored periodically, so you should't rely on the information stored. If you'd like to test a table of your own, send a message to the mailing-list with the title "New Table Request", along with your table.cfg and table.txt files (as described in the documentation). I will get back to you when your table is set up.

  • Web based Administration Interface
  • Search Directory Example
  • (example in documentation)
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